B.A.L. & Associates are here to provide you with quality drug, alcohol and DNA testing services. As a concerned parent or employer we know your time is precious; our services are fast and convenient to your schedule. We offer a testing facility that is open from 8:30AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and averages a 15 minute total time for wait and testing. Our on-site/after-hours services may come with an extra fee but also will give you peace of mind on your time!

Drug Test D.O.T.

Our drug test is a five-panel test that complies with all federal/Department of Transportation requirements. The five tests are for THC, cocaine, PCP, opiates and amphetamines.

Drug Test Non-D.O.T.

With the choice of either a five-panel that mimics the D.O.T. test or a ten-panel test that additionally checks for some of the more commonly abused prescription drugs.

Hair Test

A hair test is a five-panel test that detects drug usage over the three previous months but lacks specificity provided by a urine screen. Therefore, hair screens are non-reviewable by our MRO and are not recommended for employment-based applications.

Breath Alcohol Screen

Breath Alcohol Screens are performed utilizing D.O.T. approved equipment and are used to establish the level of alcohol present..

Evidential Breath Alcohol Test

Evidential Breath Alcohol Tests provide printed documentation of the results and fulfill D.O.T. requirements. They are performed following a positive Breath Alcohol Screen or at the request of the employer.

Medical Review

A Medical Review is performed on non-negative drug screen results by a Board Certified Medical Representative who then makes the final determination on whether there was a positive or negative test.

Department of Motor Vehicles Records

An abstract of the applicant’s driving record including suspension and citation in Louisiana. The cost of the OMV reports from other states may vary by state.

Criminal History - Expanded

A report that includes all jurisdictions in Louisiana in which the applicant has resided. The review checks state worker compensation data bases for a history of claims and for valid social security numbers. Additional charges may apply to former residences outside of Louisiana

*Travel/Mileage or Stand-by charges may apply for on-site collections.